Website release notes

V1.0 – 23 August 2021

  • First version of the following pages: Home, The Tablet, Ahmad, Stories, Further Reading, About.

V1.1 – 23 August 2021

  • Created “Music” page, containing every musical interpretation of the Tablet found in the Partial Inventory (latest version: Nov. 2020).

V1.2 – 24 August 2021

  • Corrected the footnotes for “A Flame of Fire”, in the “Ahmad” page, and inserted an explanation for the different versions of footnotes.
  • Created this Release Notes page.
  • Added Todd Lawson’s paper “Seeing Double: The Covenant and the Tablet of Ahmad” to the “Further Reading” page.
  • Added an annotation to the word “Chant” in the Tablet, containing two comments by Ali Nakhjavani.
  • Added an audio recording of a talk by Dr. ‘Alí-Murád Dávúdí to the “Further Reading” page.
  • Learnt that a photograph I had published is probably not a photo of Ahmad.
    • Removed the photo from the “Ahmad” page;
    • Created a separate page (linked to from the “Ahmad” page) providing information about the photograph in question, in the hopes of clarifying the matter for others;
    • Added this information next to the link to the article linked to in the “Further Reading” page
  • Added a video by The Utterance Project to the “Music” page.
  • Exported the website into a re-importable *.zip backup.

V1.21 – 24 August 2021

  • Moved the list of future improvements into a Google Docs, for easier handling (sorting, etc.)
  • Improved the formatting of the letter from the Bahá’í World Centre in the “Purported photograph” page.

V1.22 – 25 August 2021

  • Inserted a table of contents in “The Tablet” page.
  • Added a plugin that will show a “go to top” arrow in the corner of any long pages.
  • Remove the photograph from the “Purported photograph” page and added some more information about the clothing worn in the photo.
  • Added a video (Zaynu’l-ʻÁbidín) to the “Music” page.

V1.23 – 02 September 2021

  • Inserted the following information in “The Tablet” page:
    • Date of revelation and indication that Bahá’u’lláh’s handwriting was not shaky (i.e., pre-poisoning).
    • Manuscripts of the Tablet in the hand of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá also exist.
    • Other Tablets revealed around the same time.
    • Information on the translation into English.

V1.24 – 13 September 2021

  • Modified the font for the site title.
  • Split the page “The Tablet” into two: “Introduction” and “The Tablet”. Then added a “Home” link to the menu, to avoid the perception that the homepage is the “Introduction” page.
  • Changed the title of the “About” page to “About this website”.

Future improvements

The list of ideas for future improvement of this website can be found here.