Website release notes

V1.0 – 23 August 2021

  • First version of the following pages: Home, The Tablet, Aḥmad, Stories, Further Reading, About.

V1.1 – 23 August 2021

  • Created “Music” page, containing every musical interpretation of the Tablet found in the Partial Inventory (latest version: Nov. 2020).

V1.2 – 24 August 2021

  • Corrected the footnotes for “A Flame of Fire”, in the “Aḥmad” page, and inserted an explanation for the different versions of footnotes.
  • Created this Release Notes page.
  • Added Todd Lawson’s paper “Seeing Double: The Covenant and the Tablet of Aḥmad” to the “Further Reading” page.
  • Added an annotation to the word “Chant” in the Tablet, containing two comments by Ali Nakhjavani.
  • Added an audio recording of a talk by Dr. ‘Alí-Murád Dávúdí to the “Further Reading” page.
  • Learnt that a photograph I had published is probably not a photo of Aḥmad.
    • Removed the photo from the “Aḥmad” page;
    • Created a separate page (linked to from the “Aḥmad” page) providing information about the photograph in question, in the hopes of clarifying the matter for others;
    • Added this information next to the link to the article linked to in the “Further Reading” page
  • Added a video by The Utterance Project to the “Music” page.
  • Exported the website into a re-importable *.zip backup.

V1.21 – 24 August 2021

  • Moved the list of future improvements into a Google Docs, for easier handling (sorting, etc.)
  • Improved the formatting of the letter from the Bahá’í World Centre in the “Purported photograph” page.

V1.22 – 25 August 2021

  • Inserted a table of contents in “The Tablet” page.
  • Added a plugin that will show a “go to top” arrow in the corner of any long pages.
  • Remove the photograph from the “Purported photograph” page and added some more information about the clothing worn in the photo.
  • Added a video (Zaynu’l-ʻÁbidín) to the “Music” page.

V1.23 – 02 September 2021

  • Inserted the following information in “The Tablet” page:
    • Date of revelation and indication that Bahá’u’lláh’s handwriting was not shaky (i.e., pre-poisoning).
    • Manuscripts of the Tablet in the hand of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá also exist.
    • Other Tablets revealed around the same time.
    • Information on the translation into English.

V1.24 – 13 September 2021

  • Modified the font for the site title.
  • Split the page “The Tablet” into two: “Introduction” and “The Tablet”. Then added a “Home” link to the menu, to avoid the perception that the homepage is the “Introduction” page.
  • Changed the title of the “About” page to “About this website”.

V1.25 – 05 November 2021

  • Realised that the horizontal separators weren’t displaying correctly on mobile, so I either removed them or replace them with spacer blocks, on a case-by-case basis.
  • Changed the font and colour of the words “Learn well this Tablet” on the homepage.
  • Added images to the “Further reading” page.
  • Added an image of the House in Adrianople to the “Introduction” page.
  • Realised that the font size for the name of Bahá’u’lláh, in the “Tablet” page, was too large and was resulting in an inappropriate line break on small mobile screens – so I reduced the font size.

V1.26 – 16 December 2021

  • Corrected the spelling of “Aḥmad” (across the website) to include the diacritic.

V1.27 – 17 January 2022

  • Changed the title of the “Further Reading” page to “Further Learning” (since it also contains a video).
  • Corrected the transliteration of the text included in the following pages: “Introduction” and “Further Learning” (in this latter page, the only change done was to adopt the spelling “Faizi” as this was how the Hand of the Cause Faizi spelled his one name).
  • Confirmed that the only page whose contents still require review from the perspective of transliteration is the “Aḥmad” page.

V1.28 – 17 March 2022

  • Replaced every instance of the Georgia font with Courier New (except for the text of the Tablet itself) since the italic Georgia font did not render the ḥ character well.

Future improvements

The list of ideas for future improvement of this website can be found here. Assistance would be welcomed.