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“Dorothy Baker once asked Martha Root how she was able to accomplish so much in the face of so many difficulties. According to an unsigned typed document found among Baker’s papers, Martha replied, ‘Dorothy, when I encounter a difficulty, I use the Tablet of Aḥmad every day for nine days, asking God, in the name of that Sacred Tablet, to remove the difficulty. If I am faced with an extremely difficult problem, I recite the Epistle of Aḥmad three times a day for nine days. And when I’m confronted with a problem that is completely impossible, and exists and there may be no solution, I use the Tablet of Aḥmad nine times a day for nine days, and the problem is always solved.'”

in “From Copper to Gold”, by Dorothy Freeman Gilstrap

“[it is reported that] when Martha Root would arrive in a new place, she would say this tablet nine times before venturing forth on her teaching projects.”

in “Deliver This Clear Message”, by John Kolstoe